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ICOS Initial Coin Offerings
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How Pre ICO Tokens Work

ICOS has numerous Pre ICO Token Projects

They are considered Founders Tokens Offerings

How it works

 A Company brings a proposal to ICOS for review

If ICOS sees merit in the Project

The ICOS Project will be offered for Crowd Source Funding on the ICOS Network

All Crypto Projects on ICOS are vetted

Crypto Coins traded for positions in the ICO  Project on ICOS are held in cold wallets of ICOS during pre ICO fund raising.

If the target amount stated in the Pre ICO Project is reached, then the company making the Pre ICO Project will receive the funds raised and proceed to an ICO or to the next stage listed in that project.

Crypto Coins used to trade into positions in Projects are then considered Founder Tokens or Coins.

After a set time according to that offer the offer is canceled if the funding total of project  is not reached.

If the offer is canceled Coins deposited with ICOS will be refunded at 90% rate.

10% is kept for ICOS to operate such  Pre ICO Offers

The position you trade crypto coins for is unique in each offer so read the terms of each Pre ICO carefully

Most Pre ICO’s have collateral provisions so if the offer is funded then ICOS will take possession of the collateral named in the offer before coins are dispersed to the company making the Pre ICO project offer.

Collateral is Held in Escrow by ICOS.

This is to HELP assure Founders that the ICO Project or next stage in project  proceeds.

Collateral is usually IP assets such as:

Domain Names

Trademark Rights



ICOS will list any IP assets to be held in escrow if any, in each ICOS Project.

We feel this collateral hold will ensure companies making offers try to bring an ICO to market.

All Pre ICO Offers are highly speculative.

Many will not come to a full ICO Market release.

Collateral held by ICOS will be liquidated if a project fails to reach next stage or an ICO, and liquidated collateral will only reimburse founders a fraction of the value they put into funding.

Only put crypto coins you can afford to lose into such ICO Projects.

ICOS is a chartered organization in Cayman Islands.


ICOS -  Initial Coin Offerings

ICO News - ICO Reviews - Pre ICOS


Featured Pre ICOS Founder's Tokens


ICOS.money is a Cayman Islands Chartered Org